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Watch List Ideal Stocks with
High Directional Bias: Daily Updates

What the Codes Mean:

DSc = Diagonal Spread, bearish using calls
DSp = Diagonal Spread, bullish using puts
P/C = puts/calls
NP = Naked Puts
diag sprd = Diagonal Spread
ATM = At the Money
OTM = Out of the Money
ITM = In the Money
Bull-Puts = Sell DITM Put / buy ATM Puts
Bear Calls = Sell DITM Calls / buy ATM Calls
Acceleration = OTM Options

General Market Condition: General Market direction on June 12 are in flux/Bullish (sideways to higher trading action). Be careful and only trade the watchlist below using instructions for the ideal stocks to be trading.

Stocks on the WatchList are hidden from non-members. To get daily updates, please join as a free trial member for 17 days only $0.00. If you want to make higher returns than normal, login every day to review the Watch List and the daily post trades being started and concluded. Everyone can see the list of completed trades in the menu [DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY WE WILL MAKE].

Members get access to the Watch List, which isolates top-performing and bottom-performing stocks that achieve higher-than-normal returns. The key to making higher-than-normal returns is to trade only the stocks on the WatchList using the correct trading methodology. Then wait for the Early Exit Signal to exit or modify the options.

: WatchList

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