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High Directional Bias

**Making the Decision to Trade the Naked Put

If you calculate the ROI as noted above, you should not do the trade if you cannot make an ROI more than 50% or higher. You may choose to make a trade if you can make a lower ROI, however, that would be your decision. I prefer to make a return greater than 70% ROI.

**Early Exit Warning

When the column titled Early Exit has “YES”, then get out of the trade as soon as possible, especially if you have a profit.

If you are not profitable at that time, then do the following:

Naked Puts: roll for more credit

Long options: Sell ITM options against the position to preserve capital. Also, sell the options so they expire quickly. Review the amount of extrinsic value for the option you are selling since you will likely collect those funds. If you cannot make a decision, contact me. Stocks on the WatchList are hidden from non-members. To get daily updates, please join as a trial member for 30 days only $4.00.

Members get access to the Watch List, which isolates top-performing and bottom-performing stocks that achieve higher-than-normal returns. The key to making higher-than-normal returns is to trade only the stocks on the WatchList using the correct trading methodology.

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