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Evidence Secret Edge Member Accounts Benefit Financially

I created an excel spreadsheet that isolates the ideal stocks to trade and chooses the optimal trade method. I use that spreadsheet to make trading decisions for 2023 Financial-Competions.com. I began trading two weeks after Jan. 1, 2023 (two weeks behind others). At the end of February 2023, the account is up 56%.

During 2022, the excel spreadsheet guided my accounts as we ended up more than 45% to as high as 252% ROI. Below are four example accounts with varying amounts of funds. In general, members get to choose from several trades using the WatchList that only has the few select stocks worth trading. Only members have access to the WatchList that permits you to make higher than normal returns.

Time Weighted Annual ROI: 251%
Small Account: $2657 to > $9,3470

Time Weighted Annual ROI of 55%
Begin $39,053 to $60,647

Time Weighted Annual ROI 191.7%
Begin $4,906 to $14,316

Time Weighted 191.8% ROI

Time Weighted Annual ROI 56.5%
Begin $75,144 to $117,636

56.5% ROI Time Weighted ROI

Testimonials – Real Accounts

Since becoming a member of the Secret Edge trading group, not only have my trades been much more successful, but I am developing a confidence in trusting this math-based, high probability approach to trading. I’ve thrown the crystal ball I was using into the trash.
Fred Doran

John Zachary has been my financial advisor for a couple years and I’m very satisfied with my return on my accounts.
Brian Black

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Will everyone get the same result?

The reason you may have different results would be due to getting different price fills on the purchase of the stock as well as a different price fills selling options. Training is essential in helping you to build wealth.

When there are small accounts, the same trades are not done due to time limits on a trade or insufficient funds to make a specific trade. As a result, the time weighted annual ROI will be different. Regardless, we only trade a few stocks with methods that reduce risk.

Finally, the Secret Edge is not about Day-trading.

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