How Members Benefit Trading Options with Advanced Tools

Members Learn to Benefit by Trading Naked Put Options Successfully

Top-Performing Sectors/Stocks

Members benefit by learning to trade options successfully, especially naked put options or diagonal spreads that can win week after week on select stocks in the WatchList. Discover more as you read below. We isolate top-performing stocks that have sound fundamental reasons to support their strong upward price movement.

If the market is moving down, then trade the bottom-performing sectors/stocks when the general markets go into downtrends.

In 2022, the markets were in both downtrends with bear market rallies. Secret Edge members made money in both markets. You can verify by checking the returns at Or you can review the page titled, Evidence You Win.

Members Benefit Even with Market Downturns and Crashes

Math-based analytics often picks off three items required to strongly suggest the market is going to drop.

Factor No. 1: BIG Money managers are reallocating funds, which math-based analytics isolates near the beginning of market changes, a KEY factor for YOUR success.

Factor No. 2: Volatility begins to increase at the same time

Factor No. 3: Math-based analytics supports the markets have begun to drop. These factors are placed into the TraderGuide each day after the markets close.

Only members of the secret edge get these updates everyday.

How Members Benefit from the WatchList

The WatchList helps you trade the few stocks that will make higher than normal returns. The KEY to making money is to select the right stocks at the right time, then use a trade strategy that gives you an edge over other traders. The parameters for being on the WatchList are extremely tight. If there is an early exit signal, take your profits before that stocks begins a full scale collapse. The WatchList changes as the markets change. That is why you want to be a member, and keep on top of all the changes.

In the WatchList, you also know what trade method to use to make higher than normal returns. Follow the directions to make money. If you have a question, please ask. Also, there are live zoom meetings on how to make a change to the trade. (If you can’t make the live zoom, then you can watch the video with the suggested change, which is precisely what I will be doing). The methods used must give us a higher probability to win than other methods. As a result, we have a trading edge from the start.

The WatchList is a Member’s Primary tool to make higher than normal returns. For example, the WatchList reveals what is a good stock for the next few weeks. If a stock begins to fall out of favor, then the WatchList will display the EARLY EXIT signal. Get out before the market falls, then wait for another trade to align with the tight trading parameters. However, the ROI calculator helps you only select trades that will get low risk / high returns.

You will also get instructions on what to do if the method is losing money. Therefore, I prefer to select stocks and trade methods that let us win regardless of a trade turning negative. The Zoom videos will reveal how I will change the trade. We simply keep rolling until we win. Rolling the options until you win is the key to winning more than 90% of the trades. However, we seldom have to roll for more credit as long as you use the trade guidelines.

NOTE: Based on this KEY piece of information, you can choose to only trade on the few that will make consistently higher than normal returns. It is your decision. Or, you may choose to take riskier trades, which have higher returns, but are less likely to win consistently.

The WatchList is based on a few select stocks, which meet the following Standards.

1: Five Key Technical Technical Indicators agree the stock is moving directional (up or down)

2: Fundamentals support that direction (up or down)

3: You will be informed it is time to exit that trade by using the early exit indicator. That is the reason you want to login each day to see if a specific stock is giving an early exit signal.

Key Rules for Higher Than Normal Returns

Rule No. 1: Only trade stocks on the WatchList and only use the Methods on the WatchList.

Rule No. 2: If you want to have close to zero losing trades in a series, then only trade the stocks that allow you to roll until you win. If you get emotional about a trade, then using this method will help you overcome your emotions about a specific trade.

Rule No. 3: Do NOT fall in love with a trade or a stock. Just exit, take the profit. The trade is over. Then wait for the next great trade.

Why Members Benefit with the Advanced Membership

$39.97 per month

FREE Trial membership for 14-days with 3-days of grace. You can look at the current trades in the daily blog. You can research the trades so you know how trades are entered. You can review the trades and see that, in general, we make higher than normal returns.

Please understand there is no risk to learn of the Secret Edge Trading Methods, but the WatchList changes often, which means you need to stay committed as a member. I will do my utmost to help you.

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