How to Gain an Edge Using the ROI Calculator

Use ROI Calculators to Decide if the risk is acceptable for a Naked Put Trade

How to Gain an Edge Using the ROI Calculator. Before you start a trade, you must (YOU HAVE TO) only trade options on the Watch List stocks. Also the far right column shows the “EARLY EXIT SIGNAL.” If you see the early exit signal, do not trade that stock because we are done trading. IF you enter an option trade with the “Early Exit Signal” showing YES, then you will likely struggle to win.

After making sure the trade is acceptable, the next step is to find a good trade setup. Before you enter a trade, you MUST ensure you are beginning with a setup with higher than normal returns. BTW, if you don’t want to take the time to do this work, then just follow the trades that are placed into the daily posts. I have done the calculations for you. To keep up with those changes as a member, move your mouse over the TraderGuide in the menu. If a new trade has been started, the drop down menu will show “Change: WatchList / See new trades in daily blog [recent posts below].” Then you can login to review the Daily Post that will use the DATE of the next trading day. Open that post and the new trade is at the top. Or you will see it is time to exit a trade because the Early Exit Signal is changed to YES.

In contrast, if you see “No Changes Today” then there is no need to login. As a result, watching for daily updates makes it easy to achieve higher than normal returns.

The ROI Calculator is hidden from non-members. To gain access to the ROI Calculator, please join with the FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP for 17 days. You will receive an email on the 12th day letting you that your credit card will be charged the monthly fee, which gives you the right to opt out. During the 17 days trial period, you can access the entire website showing actual ongoing trades, the WatchList with key stock selections we use to make money and the early exit signals. Learn to use trade methods that can turn a losing trade into a winning trade. You can also see trades as they are initiated by watching tomorrows daily post. As the trades are entered, the daily post for the next trading day is updated. If you do not see tomorrow’s daily post, then no trades are being added until you see the new post as it is created. If you don’t have time to watch the daily post each day, then you are wasting your time. I would suggest that you join the FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP when you KNOW you can read the daily updates. To get the FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP, you will be required to enter your credit or debit card. The charge will begin on the 17th day unless you opt out.

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