Naked Put ROI Calculator Your Edge for Money Decisions

Possible Ways to Use the Naked Put ROI Calculator

Use the Naked Put ROI Calculator to find the Annual ROI. For example, try different put options to find ideal trades. When you learn you can find trades that make annual ROIs more than say, 180%, then you may choose to paper trade. What if you could only achieve 50% Annual ROIs?

The goal is to learn how to use the calculator to make better financial decisions.

FYI: The Naked Put ROI calculator is at the bottom of the page, which you can see and use after you register for free.

Finally, are you trading a stock that will easily give you higher than normal returns?

Or – Are you beginning a trade that will lead to financial loss?

Members of the Secret Edge use a watch list with stocks that are trending higher, which typically leads to financial gains. We also use “EARLY EXIT SIGNALS” that tell us to take the profits and be finished with a specific trade.

What do we do if the trade is losing money?

In this case, we roll the options to collect more credit and continue on that path until we win. In theory, we could win more than 80% of the trades. For example, review the historical trades on the linked page: Perhaps you would like to become a member of the Secret Edge?

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