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Turn losing trades into winners by selling naked puts or diagonal spread options. The key to success begins by only trading stocks in the Secret Edge Watch List, and heeding the early exit warning signals. In general, you win with the first trade. However, if the market suddenly goes against you, discover the strategy of rolling for more credit until you win. I have rolled up to five times to win.

Do you want proof this strategy works?

Investigate with a FREE Trial Advanced Membership (17 days in the Free Trial {includes weekends in the count}). You get access to the entire site with trade history. By taking some time to look into the methods and results, you will discover the secret edge to financial success.

How to know this works
(shown below)

Review each daily blog for actual trading success. or review the trading results page for a quick overview. You can compare the results to the daily blogs to validate how these methods will work for you.

Below is an example that shows current trades and methods that help you to make higher-than-normal returns. Each day, new trades will be entered in a separate table in the daily blog showing the date of new trades. [BTW: When markets are not acceptable, there will be days with no trades]. Then each trade will be maintained so it is easy to follow what is going on. The example below began on May 18-19 for PLTR.

May 18-19 Trade Begins (highly successful trades)

StockStrikeExpiresCostWin Prob.Must Watch*Begin

In the table above, each trade start date is on the right side. Long calls were opened at strike levels 10 and 12. The price of the option is in the “Cost” column. At the time of purchase, PLTR traded below the strike price of $12 but is now about $14.50 per share. All of these option trades are winning. For example, the strike level 12 call purchased for $0.87 ($87 each on May 18) are now worth $3.00 ($300 on June 2), which is a 244% gain is two weeks.

The Strike Level 10 calls purchased on May 18 are up 100% and 147% respectively. We sold covered calls as we expect some sideways action for now. That reduces the cost of purchase and based on fundamentals (expecting profitability each quarter in 2023), the price should continue higher for the future. NOTE: If we get an early exit signal, we can liquidate and move to a different trade, but only for stocks in the watch list.

The following table shows the trades that began on May 22.

Trades with High ROI Capability

StockStrikeExpiresCostWin Prob.Must Watch*Begin

On May 22, TSLA 150 Calls were purchased for $45 ($4500). When you review the TSLA Trade, it is up 54% on June 2, 2023.

We also purchased SQ on May 22, which has not been an ideal trade but is now up 30% and expected to climb higher.

NOTE: If we get an early exit signal, we can liquidate Tesla (TSLA) or Square (SQ), and move to a different stocks such as Microsoft (MSFT).

How to Turn a Losing Trade into a Winning Trade

On the Daily Post created for June 5, more than 80% of the trades are profitable. Below are two losing trades, but the trade methods we use will lead to profitability. On the far right column, the ROI is not as high on trades that get immediate success. BTW: ROI is based on the amount of time for each trade and the maximum return possible for that time span. If we roll to gain more credit, then the ROI typically gets reduced.

StockStrikeExpiresProfitWin Prob.Must Watch*Begin
SQ72.5Sep 20$32371%Yes3/3253%
WFC41/30Jun 9$1.07Yes+4/18175%

Square (SQ) is a naked put trade that has been rolled two times for more credit and the trade ends on September 20. The trade began on March 3, 2023. Regardless of the delay, we expect to make around a 53% ROI. If we have to roll again for more credit, then the ROI will drop to a lower value. Would you like to learn how to turn a losing trade into a winner and stay cool, calm, and emotionally collected?

broker, trading, stock exchange-6882754.jpg


Would you like to learn how to turn a losing trade into a winner and stay cool, calm, and emotionally collected, no matter what happens

The FREE Trial membership gives you a total of 17 days to make the decision to become an advanced member of the Secret Edge. Why is it important?

The Watch List changes often. Also you know when to get out or make changes based on the early exit signals.

For example, the WFC trade is another problematic trade that is now approaching termination with a profit of 75% ROI. This trade was setup as a diagonal spread. We are currently short the June 9, strike level 41 put and long the 30 strike level put. Ideally, we want WFC to be above $41 per share on June 9 at the close. What if that doesn’t happen?

Then the trade is rolled forward for more credit so in the long-term, we win. Stay cool, calm, and emotionally collected until the end. You learn how to achieve emotional stability as a member of the secret edge.

Or you could exit the trade with profit as we are above $41 and only one week left for trading. However your ROI (less than 75%) will be the result. Don’t worry, be happy. You can also calculate should I use the funds on a different trade since WFC became a problem trade after we entered.

If you learn how to turn a losing trade into a winning trade, you can make higher than normal returns. Using the naked put or diagonal spread trading method usually lasts about one week. However, the diagonal spread can go for weeks with a cheap anchor while you collect income week after week until the early exit signals appear on the charts. When early exit signals begin, it is time to exit the trade and use the funds for higher than normal returns on a new trade.

When you sign up for the FREE TRIAL ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP, then you have access to the coveted WatchList that has the only stocks worth trading and shows early exit signals for each stock. And you can read all the daily blogs to assess profitability. Do some paper trading until you understand and know the plan for each trade. To win, you must have discipline with a solid trading plan. Do you have a solid trade plan?

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