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In the menu above, click on Evidence You Win where the results of using the advanced methods shows higher than normal returns, using actual funds. The secret edge math-based methods show financial growth despite the bearish market in the year 2022. For the year 2023, the returns are even higher returns.

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If you want to relax, then we advocate trading only by selling Naked Puts strategy, but only for the few select stocks on the WatchList. If you learn how to trade options by selling Naked Put Options with secret edge advanced methods, you will discover how robust that selling options is even if the market moves against you. In this event, a series of trades leads to financial gains. We rarely lose with the Naked Put Options strategy, which is ideal if you want to relax and make higher than normal financial gains. The key is you must trade only stocks on the WatchList and you must use the ROI Calculator to find ideal trades. Don’t take unnecessary risk, use the ROI Calculator.

It is possible to have a loser from time to time. However, these easy-money funds will add to your nest egg. You will find that you still need to be involved to make higher than normal returns, but you can also retire early.

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If you like to trade stocks, then we will help you learn how to trade options for momentum stocks. Momentum trading is based on trading only the alignment of the general markets when they are bullish, with the top-performing sectors, then choosing a few select momentum stocks from the WatchList within those ideal sectors. Therefore, if the general markets are rising, then we trade the top-performing stocks. In contrast, if the general markets start falling based on math-based analytics, then we trade the bottom-performing stocks. The WatchList serves as the best momentum stock screener.

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We also have a low risk high return stock trade that rarely trades, but can bring in huge gains. For example, my best trade used this method to net a gain of about $250,000 in four months. For this trade, each dollar at risk was an attempt to gain up to six dollars of profit. We ended up with about five dollars of profit for each dollar at risk in four months. You could use this trade setup during a bearish market as you can relax, regardless of a volatile whipsawing market.

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Predicting stock market crashes or big down days. Another trade is based on predicting down days or when markets crash for several days. If you can predict big down days, your account can increase when other people see their funds diminish. The ability to predict market pull backs is based on math-based analytics, which strongly suggests that money managers are moving large amounts of funds. When the math-based factors align, down days begin to take place. Predicting down days is not an easy-money trade as you will need to be alert to market action on a day to day basis.

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What is the math-based Analytics?

A WatchList with right parameters that isolate five stocks on average that can be traded successfully. However, don’t trade until you use the ROI Calculator to begin with a low risk, high return trade setup. Don’t trade with higher risk. Moreover, you also get the daily blog that trace the general markets, major indices, volatility, and reveals what the BIG MONEY managers are doing before huge moves take place. Therefore, a huge secret edge for all members.

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