How to Trade Money with a Professional Edge

Since May: 94 trades with 13 losers
Win ratio = 86.1%
Verify 165% ROI on July 31, 2023 { Search for “Secret Edge” at the competition website}:

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Start with the FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP. As a member, you get the Watch List that has only ideal stocks worth trading and you also get a Return on Investment calculator that lets you know if you have a good trade method. I only do a trade if I can make at least a 70% or higher ROI on a specific trade. However, I prefer to begin trades where I can make more than 100% ROIs, in less than two weeks by trading weekly options. Would you like to learn how?

Become a member and stay a member. You will gain access to the few stocks worth trading on the Watch List and use the methods to make higher than normal returns with the ROI Calculator. Learn to use the ROI calculator so you find low risk / high return trade setups. Make the decision to stay away from high risk / low return and risky trades. You can start with a FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP that lasts for 17-days in the event you don’t like to trade with these methods.

By the way, my trade parameters for success are so tight that the Watch List has about five stocks on average worth trading. That Watch List changes as the various stocks on the list move out of favor. Also, there is an early exit signal so you take profits before the a specific stock crumbles out of favor.

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