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Few people made money trading stocks in 2022. In contrast, secret edge accounts increased from 44% to as much as 252%. Review the reports from Interactive Broker accounts “time weighted returns”. Please note, these accounts used secret edge trading methods. The time weighted returns are done by independent calculations at Interactive Brokers. Since 2023 has been more positive for trading, in general, the select account for competition trading is up 56% at the end of February, 2023.

Discover the Secret Edge in trading any market based on this proven math-based method of identifying advantages in trending sectors, entry and exit price points, volatility, and direction.

This proven approach to trading can help control your emotions, which often cripple profit potential and success. Through the math-based method utilized in the Secret Edge, we have the advantage of identifying high probability moves in the general markets, sectors, specific stocks, and then use ideal option trading method. The benefit becomes yours.

Why is this math-based approach better?

What happens when
a Bear market evolves?

This math-based method will clearly reveal sectors changing directions.That Secret Edge advantage is critical. Too many traders believe it is impossible to make money in a down-trending market. This math-based approach guides decisions in any market, including Bear markets. For example, we achieved higher returns than normal in the 2022 bear markets.

What if the Markets go Sideways?

This math-based method identifies market trending sideways. Don’t waste your time in markets that go nowhere. In other words, this proven method provides value to your time as you use it to make decisions during times of poor market direction. Therefore, your disillusionment with the markets will decrease, your expertise in identifying opportunities will significantly increase, and the edge you hone will guide your trades to profits.

Imagine that you can gain a proven, time-tested, math-based insight into the best times and worst times for being active in the stock market.


Members get daily updates with trades as they occur. Also, Zoom Meetings to guide on specific trades. For example, “How to Roll an Option when we are losing so you can win, despite the market moving against the position.”

In addition, members receive market volatility guidelines, which include an easy-money volatility trade with guidelines for entry points, contract selection, and when to exit or hold. For example, members get an early exit indicator after a run up or down in stocks prices.

Please note that we highly recommend and reasonably expect members to “paper trade” until they gain the knowledge and understand the Secret Edge methods employed through this program. Stock and options trading are not without risk, and significant loss of assets can and does occur. Each member must agree with the terms of service to be accepted into membership.

Consider the recommendation to paper trade. Then, you can try out the membership with no risk of losing money. We believe it is ideal for you to know that Secret Edge’s math-based methods will work for you without spending any money or risking your assets. The WatchList contains the only stocks with a high probability of achieving higher-than-normal returns.

Why Math-based Analytics Help You Understand the Markets

Consider the analogy of hiking in a forest, but somehow, you get lost. You see the trees all around you but do not know where you are. How are you going to find your way home? Instead of trying to pick a stock when there are thousands, the WATCHLIST will typically have around five stocks because they are ideal picks for a short time span or even months.

So, are you making financial decisions as a person lost in the forest. You can’t see the forest because of the trees all around you.

In contrast, math-based analytics is best described as having a satellite with infrared cameras that show the red hot parts of the forest that contrast with the bluish and cold parts of the forest

If you can’t see the forest as you are viewing the big trees around you, can you select the red hot stocks that are rising in price or the ones that are blue, cold and falling in price?

Math-based analytics represents the infrared cameras that reveal what is happening in the markets so you can make better financial decisions with all the information available to members of the Secret Edge.

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