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Since May: 343 trades with 36 losers
Win ratio = 89.5%

I upgraded from the $20k division to 1-million division. At the end of February 2024, the account is up 21.3%
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In 2024, the account made 234.1% ROI on Dec. 31, 2023 {Search for “Secret Edge” at }

Why should you use the Professional Edge to Make Money for Your Family?

  • Wins more than 80% of the trades.
  • If a trade is not winning, use a method that usually turns a losing trade into a winning trade.
  • You know the annual ROI before you enter the trade. If you don’t know what you will achieve, then why would you justify doing a trade. Learn to trade with knowledge.
  • The Watch List has high quality stocks and the work is done for you to ensure you have a higher probability of winning a trade.
  • Each day you get daily analysis that reveals early signs of the general market entering a bullish or bearish phase based on how big money managers trade.
  • Setup your Trading Platform on Diagonal Spreads to watch the “time value” (Extrinsic Value). When the time value falls below ten cents, roll for more credit. BTW, If you don’t have time to watch that closely, then you can move the inside portion of the trade out so you make higher than normal returns, but instead of more than 100% Annual ROI, you decided to make more than 40% ROI. The choice is yours.

The Trade Method

We use algorithms to find the stocks we will trade, which must meet high standards. The parameters for stock selection are extremely tight. If the review shows the select indicators and fundamentals are acceptable, the stock is placed into a watch list for members of the Secret Edge. As a member, you should only trade the Watch List stocks.

The trade method we use gives a probability of winning that is above 60% and can make returns higher than an annual ROI of 100%. However, when we begin to get early exit signals, we exit the trade with a profit. The early exit signals change the Watch List so you know to not trade a specific stock unless it realigns.

In the event that we are losing at the time of an early exit signal, the chosen method permits us to roll for credit until we win. During this rolling for credit time window, the account can draw down. However, in the end, we usually win (but not 100% of the time). It is a rare day for the system to result in a losing trade. We usually lose on a trade if we do not use the ideal trade method (Diagonal Spreads permit easy adjustments). Therefore, should you want to learn how to trade successfully, you should only trade using the ideal method. The described trade method results in annual returns above 100%. Finally, if you do get exercised, in general, it will be a high quality growth stock.

Trade Results for 2024

I upgraded to the million dollar accounts for the year 2024. At the end of February, the account is up 21.3%.

Trade Results for 2023

The control account is up 234.1% from January 2 to December 31, 2023. The months of August, September, and portions of October were not great trading environments. Although the account had some draw down, it is rising again based on the “Roll Until you Win” strategy. I have tweaked again to reduce draw downs so I am expecting even higher than normal returns with the minor tweaks.

You can review the completed trades on the next link.

Trade Results for 2022

In the 2022 bear markets, Secret Edge accounts increased from 44% to as much as 252%. Review the reports from Interactive Broker accounts “time weighted returns”. The time weighted returns are done by independent calculations at Interactive Brokers.

  • How profitable are your trades?
  • Why doesn’t my broker do as well?

Do You Have to Watch the Market?

When selling options, you need to have two columns on your trading platform. Column 1 is the expiration date of the option. Column 2 is the time value of the option. You will need to keep up on the time value (also called the extrinsic value). When it is low such as about ten cents or lower, then you will need to roll that option for more credit until you win or exit with the profits. Also, this only applies to options you have sold short. If you do not watch the time value, then you will get exercised (meaning you will now own the stock, which is not what we desire as traders).

Therefore, you don’t need to be glued to a monitor. Just keep up with the portfolio in the last 30 minutes of the day to make a decision on exiting with profits, or rolling for more credit.

Professional Trading for You

Discover the Professional Edge to Make Money for Your Family in trading any market based on this proven math-based method of identifying advantages in trending sectors, entry and exit price points, volatility, and direction.

This proven approach to trading can help control your emotions, which often cripple profit potential and success. Through the math-based method utilized in the Secret Edge, we have the advantage of identifying high probability moves in the general markets, sectors, specific stocks, and then use ideal option trading methods. The benefit becomes yours.

Why is this math-based approach better?

This math-based method will reveal sectors changing directions. That Secret Edge advantage is critical. You can make money in either a down-trending or up-trending market. This math-based approach guides decisions in any market, including bear markets. For example, we achieved higher returns than normal in the 2022 bear markets.

What if the Markets go Sideways?

This math-based method identifies the market trending sideways. Don’t waste your time in markets that go nowhere. In other words, this proven method provides value to your time as you use it to make decisions during the poor market direction. Therefore, your disillusionment with the markets will decrease, your expertise in identifying opportunities will significantly increase, and the edge you hone will guide your trades to profits.

What do I Gain as a Member?

Please watch the Member’s FREE video training as you discover how to use the information available on the Secret Edge website. As trades occur, the daily blog gets updated as the trading day progresses. If you lack time to understand a specific trade, you can follow the blog on paper and see how the trades work out to the member’s benefit.

Please note that we highly recommend and reasonably expect members to “paper trade” until they gain the knowledge and understand the Secret Edge methods employed through this program. Stock and options trading is not without risk, and significant loss of assets can and does occur. Each member must agree with the terms of service to be accepted into membership.

Consider the recommendation to paper trade. Then, you can try out the membership without losing money. It is ideal for you to know that Secret Edge’s math-based methods will work for you without spending any money or risking your assets. The Watch List contains the only stocks with a high probability of achieving higher-than-normal returns.

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